Running Towards Danger was published in 2015 by Pegasus Elliot Mackenzie. It is available from New Zealand book stores and online as an e-book.


Karen’s flat-mate Nick is executed in a drive-by shooting right in front of her and her life is turned upside-down when everything she thought she knew about him turns out to be a lie. She becomes a suspect in the police investigation and criminals think she knows where Nick has hidden a large sum of money. When her life is threatened she decides to leave Auckland and disappear.  Karen becomes Cara and creates an anonymous existence in a small community in Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand. She changes her appearance, severs all links to her past and adopts a cash-based way of life that leaves no electronic traces.

Graeme Beattie of Beattie’s Book Blog: “An impressive debut.”

Trish McCormack (thriller author): “Pacy page-turning read with good twists & a satisfying ending.”

Quentin Bennett (reader): “I read Running Towards Danger in two sessions because I couldn’t put it down.”

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I can stay no longer, he knows where I am. Whatever is about to happen I cannot bear to think that I will die cowering on the wet ground. I push off and leap up the slope, toes digging in for better grip, arms bent and pumping, slightly hunched in instinctive concealment mode. I run toward a cluster of dark trees further down the river bank in the direction that will take me away from the road and danger. The trees are a long way off but the only thing that offers possible shelter.

I run so fast I can hear the water being sucked out of the wet ground as each foot lifts off. I reach the trees unharmed and stop, trying hard to suppress my panting breaths, lean against a tree trunk and try to blend in with its shape. Gradually my heart beat slows, my breathing becomes calmer and I move slowly away from the tree to look back to where I have come from. And as I stand there listening, searching the shades of grey and black for any sign of movement, arms grab me from behind.

A hand comes round my head and clamps hard over my mouth, the other arm clasps me tightly round the rib cage, locking my arms to my body. I freeze in the position I am in, one foot slightly raised, consider fighting, kicking back into the shins of the person holding me or biting the hand over my mouth. My heart is pounding; this is the danger dream. It is like re-living a past event. I am waiting for what must come, for the harm or the threat. We stand silently and very still for what seems like an age. His head moves closer, warm breath brushes the side of my head and a nearly soundless whisper reaches me through the sound of the wind in the trees. “No noise! Don’t move.”

I slowly lower my foot to the ground and nod my head against the hand over my mouth, indicating that I will obey.

ISBN 978 178465 010 0