Saskia Woodhill is an emerging author of soft romance novels where slightly paranormal characters occasionally engage in outrageous behaviour and sometimes find themselves in funny or dangerous situations – or funny and dangerous at the same time. Stories that will make you laugh and cry and turn the pages to the satisfying ending.

Julia, owner of a successful garage and used to working with men, prides herself on her practical and down-to-earth nature. But her calm and orderly world is about to change forever. After a concussion, she disturbingly starts hearing the thoughts of others as spoken words in her mind, first it’s her sister, then it’s Milton, the sexy customer with the sarcastic smile, the man Julia is irresistibly drawn to despite his outrageous thoughts.


Alba’s abrupt exit mid-interview for a dream job sets off a chain of events she never saw coming. The inexplicable dread she occasionally feels isn’t just her imagination, it’s a warning signal, one that others don’t sense. But simply walking away wasn’t enough – now a powerful man is determined to discover why she left. Follow Alba on her intense, emotional journey of secrets, risk-taking and life-changing decisions into a world where the stakes are high, trust is precious, and her future hangs in the balance. “With Every Breath” will keep you riveted, questioning fate and the power of love. Would you take the chance? BUY